NiteIze Steelie Car Mount System Review

I’ve had the NiteIze Steelie Car Mount System for about a week now and I wanted to let you know my thoughts.


I installed “the steel ball” part on on my dash next to my stick shift.  An alcohol wipe was included to clean my dash so it would adhere well through any temperature fluctuations.  After the area is clean, it’s as simple as pushing it on the area for 10 seconds.


I then did the same for the install of the female end on my LifeProof phone case.


The install was simple, intuitive, and quick.

Once it was installed, I then could put it there while driving or sitting in the car.  I have to say, it is now much easier to have a speakerphone call no-handed.  It’s also much easier to check directions when I’m not exactly sure where I’m going.  It also makes it seamless to connect to my AUX cable, charger, and headphones without my phone possibly sliding around the floor.


The only complaint I have, albeit minor, is the way the phone feels with the metal receiver attachment on the rear of the phone–it messes a bit with the balance of the phone and obviously adds a small bit of weight, which is slightly noticeable.  Also, when putting the phone on a flat surface like a table, it sits on the metal ring, not flush, which makes the phone more prone to rotate or slide around. However, after using it for a week, I’ve now gotten used to these new tweaks, and I plan on keeping the system installed for the foreseeable future.


Short Version:

The Steelie System has a simple and intuitive install, and it makes using your phone in your car hands-free much, much easier, especially with an AUX-in cable, charger, or headphones.

The system does mess a bit with the balance and weight of your phone, but this is definitely something one can get used to.  The rear metal ring is permanently installed on your phone’s rear, which means when it’s set down, it’s no longer flush with a given flat surface.  These are minor things, which definitely outweighs the convenience of what this system offers.

I highly recommend the NiteIze Steelie Car Mount Kit–it think it’s a perfect stocking stuffer for the gadget guy or gal on your list!

Oh, and don’t forget, the Steelie System also works really well outside of the car–like presenting with a tablet!

Serfas NC-300 Switch Hitter Bottle Cage Review

I picked up the Serfas NC-300 Switch Hitter Nylon Cage Black recently for a few reasons, and I wanted to write them down here for all of you.

My 29er Singlespeed frame has 2 bottle mounts, and I’ve been doing more endurance rides lately.  Therefore, I need the use of 2 bottles while riding.  I installed 2 normal bottle cages that I owned and went about my next race.  However, during the race, the bottle mounted on the seat tube (the tube that holds your seatpost) became increasingly more difficult to extract and put back in place.  This continued until I noticed that my bottle was jangling around while riding, meaning that my bottle cage had loosened.

Well, after that experience, I figured that I needed to get a “side entry” bottle cage.  So, I sauntered to my local bike shop, and they didn’t have what I needed.  I found out that MOST side-entry bottle cages are side-specific (left entry or right entry), and they didn’t have the side I wanted.  I figured there had to be a better way! As frustrated as I was, I was about to give up and go back to 1 bottle and cage until I came across this Serfas Switch Hitter Bottle Cage.

So then I purchased it for around $14, which I thought was a pretty straight-forward deal, if it did what it said.  I installed it, which was a really easy process.

As you can see, you can easily pick which side you want the bottle to face while installing.

So then I took it out on a ride.  It was super-easy to get your bottles out of the cage, and the bottles fit quite well, as long as I stayed away from my extra-long 24 ounce bottles.  The only complaint I had was putting the bottle back in–it was a little snug, and the bottom of my bottle kept getting hung up on the bottom “rung” of the bottle cage.  I’m thinking part of this may be the bottle bottom’s squared-off profile, so I’ll try it again with another rounded-off bottle, and it should work out better.


All in all, I think the Serfas NC-300 Switch Hitter is a solid investment, especially for those of us who have tight spacing near our frame’s bottle mounts.  It’s easy to install, and it definitely does the job of holding the bottles in place and they’re easy to retrieve. I also did not have the problem of the cage loosening, like I have with many other cages. The only thing I would change is to make the transition between top mount and bottom mount smoother, thus making making bottle entry even easier.